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Upstate region Part 1
Upstate region Part 2
A bit panic stricken Part 1
A bit panic stricken Part 2
Who's there?
Selling articles Part 1
Selling articles Part 2
FDA - Howard Stern Part 1
FDA - Howard Stern Part 2
Wants to buy a turn style Part 1
Wants to buy a turn style Part 2
Wants to buy a turn style Part 3
Bird seed Part 1
Bird seed Part 2
Dog attack
Been beaten Part 1
Been beaten Part 2
Surgery Part 1
Surgery Part 2
A bit fat in the arse!
Sol needs help Part 1
Sol needs help Part 2
Piss Clams
Fire cracker Sols got Hemroids
Sols arse warts Part 1
Sols arse warts Part 2
Sols arse warts Part 3
Sols arse warts Part 4
Sols arse warts Part 5
Hes got his shoes and glasses
Sol is trying to sue anybody he can
Sol likes to be beaten
Hurt with words
Trying to join a nudiest camp
Kissel from upstate
They killed Uncle Freddy
Trying to buy a dresser
Kissel trying to sing
A pigeon up kissel's arse?
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